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Sometimes you just have to make up your own club. Phyllis & Hazel presents: The Society for Gemstone Admires. Each month a new gemstone pin will be released starting with each months birthstones. Each pin will come on a fact card with gemstone specs and is hand numbered and stamped with our maker mark on the back. Pins are nickle and lead free.

How it's made:
A die is made and then struck into a copper or brass base metal. Colored glass crushed to a powder and mixed with water is used to fill the recessed areas. Pins are color matched using the PMS Pantone color chart and then baked at 1600 degrees. Next, the pin is ground with different stones, polished smooth and plated. Pins come with a butterfly clutch back.

Ruby Pin

  • - Plated Base Metal

    - Pin measures 1 1/4" by 1"

    - Designed by Phyllis & Hazel

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