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An antique Damascene spinner pendant from the 1950's reveals a secret symbol of the Free Masons, a secret fraternal organization that dates back to the 14th century. Flecked with 24 K gold and sterling silver, this work of art hangs from 14 K gold-filled chain with a gold plated clasp. HistoryThe technique of Damascene Jewelry had originated in the pre-christian era in Damascus, U.A.R. and was brought to Japan around 700 A.D. At present this technique remains in existence only in Kyoto, Japan. It had originally been applied in the making of buddhist utensils, mirrors, warrior's helmets and swords but was adapted for costume jewelry and other decorations in the 1950's.ProcessFine lines are chiseled on to a steel foundation with delicate instruments. A design is inlaid with 24 K gold and sterling silver. The surface is then corroded with nitric acid and rusted with ammonia chloride and boiled in green tea to stop the rusting process. Several layers of lacquer are then baked over

Antique Damascene Spinner - Compass

  • -Spinner measures 1 3/8" high by 1 1/8" wide

    - Comes in original box

    - 14 K gold-filled chain measures 30"

    - Avoid contact with water and store in a jewelry box

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